Who Am I?

I’m a certified Birkman Coach with 8 years of experience working with non-profits, volunteers, and leaders.  I am a husband and a father.  I am a day sailor (Mirage 20ft). I’m a certified change management professional interested in helping leaders to lead change for individual growth and for organizational vitality. Peter enjoys coaching groups and individuals through change and growth.  Read about Peter.

What is the Birkman?

A Birkman Method Assessment is a comprehensive personality and leadership evaluation.  The Birkman is a suitable assessment for employment issues, executive coaching, and personal development plans. The Birkman Assessment produces up to 120 pages worth of data and is a comprehensive report that is the foundation for work with an executive or team building coach. More about the Birkman.

A Success Story

Who hasn’t found themselves in charge of an organization that has lost its relevance,  the funding has dried up and without drastic change you might be closing your doors. This was the story of a mainline denominational campus ministry at a small regional university.  I was asked by the new campus minister to help revitalize the stagnant board and build a sense of team and shared vision. for the ministry.  Read more about this story.